More accomplished.

Today was Labor Day. I’m not totally sure what that is all about, but it was a day off of work. (Now hoping that it wasn’t some great mark in history…)

We went up North Saturday afternoon until Sunday and got pretttttty drunk. I puked on Sunday. Twice. It was not good. It was kind of a waste of a day actually because I spent most of it in bed. Ohhhh well. It was nice to not worry about wedding shit for a night and act stupid …. well, more stupid than I do sober. LoL.

We went to see Rush Hour 3 last night in Rogers. It was okay… I would probably give it … uhh… like 3/5 stars. I liked it and would see it again, but the first 2 were definitely better. Better lines… yeah.

So today we came over to my parents’s house to work on wedding stuff and wow, did we really do just that. We got the napkins all done (minus one tiny part on a few), got the table numbers done (thanks Dad!) and there’s more I just can’t think right now because I am tiiiiiiiiired. It’s amazing how fast the day went and how I feel like I’ve ran a marathon or something – or at least with my head. Geesh…. headache. So … today is almost over and I’m about to sit down to dinner. I am tired and I feel bloated and kind of sick in my stomach. Hmm….. would that have anything to do with me about to become Mrs. LaVine??? lol


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