The day after.

We have officially survived the bach parties. !!! Yay. I got as wasted as I said I was going to…. puked 2x. Blah. Ick. But it was fun and I think everyone had a good time too… except for Hunter. I’m not sure what’s going on with him, but it’s getting to be ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. And I am getting fed up with it…. and now he’s not my friend on myspace anymore. Nor is Patrick or Danielle or his own brother, Cooper. I’m not even sure why people do that. Emily did that with me too … and so did Sam. Like Myspace is so official or something and whatever. I don’t even know. WHATEVER. BLAH!

Patrick went to a few strip clubs but I hope he was a good boy. Hate to think about that shit but I guess that’s all part of the bachelor thing. Blah!!!

I was not feeling very well this morning – and when we woke up I blew a .087 or something around there. I felt shitty until probably around 6ish this evening. So bad. But it was fun!!!!

Pics are up!


One thought on “The day after.

  1. Hunter is weird. He is very me me me………. I don’t get him much. I am also very confused with Alicia……..but whatever. All that matters is that you had fun. All I can say is you were HILARIOUS!

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