It’s ALL good!!

We have accomplished great things today!!! We have gotten information about the trip I won from KDWB and I have rescheduled our honeymoon. YAY!!! I’m so excited…… for both!!!!

I’m getting very excited for the wedding itself too!!! I can’t wait… literally like cannot wait. 🙂
It will be so great……………….. I know it!

Still working on a videographer, but I think we know which one we’re going to go with. Feels good to be getting all of this crap done!!! I really feel like things are coming together.

I have been good with food lately and feel healthier and it’s awesome. Life is great today.

G R E A T!!!!!

Well, for me at least… Sarah, I’m sorry to hear that you are home sick. FEEL BETTER!!!! I am sending you some of my good, healthy, energetic vibes. ZAP.

Did you get them???

Okay, bye bye people. Back to “work”. 😉


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