Fun night out last night. I like to go downtown, but I only like it maybe once or twice a month. Plus, I can’t afford it more than that. It’s expensive! And all these places charge to just get in … let alone the prices of the drinks. But it was fun last night and I am glad my friends came out…especially Danielle!!! Kudos to her… she hung out the WHOLE night. Thanks girl!!! I understand Alicia had to leave too… I wouldn’t be out that late if I had to work the next day either. šŸ™‚ I feel for ya girlie. Anyway… besides some of the drama of the night (can’t avoid that ever).. it was a good night. I wish more people would have hung out more… but Patrick and Danielle were there and that was fun for sure. Patrick doesn’t care to dance, but he was a good sport and busted some moves with me. So adorable. Love him for that. Love you Patrick!!

Today is Father’s Day but I guess we kind of did that already on Friday. I wasn’t aware of it, but my sisters had their stuff all ready to go…. but I gave Dad his presents today. I got him cards for Extremo, a card shuffler, dog treats to give to his favorite granddog and created some Extremo score sheets. I think he liked it. It’s hard to buy for my parents.

Patrick went out to Elko today to spend the day with his Dad. I am hoping he gets home pretty soon so that we can head home-home. I need to do some laundry and it feels nice to get home after a busy weekend.

I wanna go up north and go fishing. Bad. We got out yesterday to Lake Independence but it was so busy and we didn’t get one damn fish. Not one bite. It sucked. I guess we shouldn’t be bass fishing there though… oh well.


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