Today I am trying to keep my sanity.

Last night was an ordeal… for multiple reasons.

I wanted to get to bed earlier because I was up too late the night before, but there was too much going on and ran into the problem of not having enough time in a day again. Normally, I would expect to be exhausted today, but for some odd reason, I’m not. I am just REALLY crabby.

I thought the night was going to be a good one because I came home in a great mood. It was hot yesterday when I got out of work, but the sun was shining and I had no complaints. Got home, Patrick was cooking up some delish spaghetti and I couldn’t have been happier. I’m not sure what happened to make my mood drop dramatically. Maybe it was the talk about birthdays…being mine is coming up tomorrow… and how I never really get anything too great – not as far as presents even, just the day. It’s usually nothing special… but it sucks too… because I feel like birthdays are so important. It was the day we were born, the day we were brought into this life and every year my son or daughter has a birthday, they are going to feel special. More special than anything. It is special no matter what people do or don’t do.

Oh well.

Everyone is pissing me off today. I just want to get out of here. These are the days that really push me to my tolerance … and I sometimes want to just burst out in tears and screams.

Yes, I sound psycho. No, I’m not really.


One thought on “Trying.

  1. Pooks bdays are important. As someone pointed out to me… is scandanavian and they are stoic and dad is german and they are worse. Thus celebrations are low key if any……… I don’t think I have ever had a big old bday other than bday parties when i was very little with friends. I think just growing up the way we did I now just think ehhh just another bday. And……as I get OLDER and OLDER I don’t want to talk about bday because I am old and not successful. So as you get older you might not want to celebrate you will notice grey hairs, squeeky bones, etc. But you might be opposite and celebrate as you get older.

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