No one reads this.

Ahhhh the satisfying feeling that everything you write is never read by another soul. LOL.
I think this site is so that I can talk to myself… in a way… without feeling like a psycho.
Oh well.

Today I sent my first (two actually) priority mail pieces with signature confirmation. Yay for me! I’m actually kind of surprised that I haven’t ever done that for the 24 (almost 25) years that I’ve been alive already.

I’m almost 25? Gosh… Time flies. Seriously. It goes much too fast….

So, wedding plans are coming along and I am focusing my energy on more central things and I love it. I already feel better about things… although there are still a couple of major issues that NEED to be resolved ASAP.

1. Videographer
2. Pianist

Those are the 2 major things that need to be addressed that I can think of at this moment.

Mobile blogging is sweet. But I don’t know what to take pics of … I need a better picture phone. Stupid 2 year plans.

I wanna go fishing.

Ok bye.


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